March 12, 2018

Redland Engagement Session

Vee and Gianni are adventure personified. I kid you not! Met these two lovely ladies last year, and their sense of compassion towards animals and the environment really left an impact on me. Made me happy to know that their activism was changing lives for pups, and humans too! For their session, Gianni was set on a sunflower field, but sadly, Irma got to it before we did. Plan B was going on a 2-hour excursion through my neck of the woods: Redland! Home to all things agriculture, and KNAUS BERRY FARMS! If we weren’t a month too early for those glorious cinnamon rolls, we would have totally added it to our tour!

Going for a drive in an area that has neat spots is an awesome idea to get varied backgrounds. Plus adds spontaneity to the day! We started on the side of the road, made it to an abandoned restaurant, and finished in a vacant lot with wisps of sunset light to spare. What more do you need?! You can find their wedding photos on the blog very soon.

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