About La Vie Studios

We’re a wedding photography and videography team based in Miami, Florida.

La Vie Studios is a collective of accomplished photographers, videographers, and editors driven by a common passion – a love for the art. We are constantly pushing creative boundaries as we toe the line between technical perfection and raw artistic expression. For us, the art and the craft comes first. Our work is very personal to us and is in the deepest sense, a labor of love.
The common goal that unites us – celebrating life, love, and human connection. We’re saps for the tears, the laughs, the smiles, and all the little in-between moments that life throws at us.

As you scroll down we’ll pull back the veil so you can meet the La Vie Studios team and learn more about what we’re all about as individuals. You’ll also learn about our unique backgrounds that somehow or another lead each of us down the path of documenting weddings. You might learn about our hobbies, quirks, or maybe even our favorite wedding cake flavor *hint *hint – it’s every flavor. Please serve us cake is all we’re saying. That’s our secret ingredient to great photos and videos. Cupcakes, bundt cakes, literally any type of dessert is acceptable as that “secret ingredient”. Ok sweet, you get the gist.

“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”
– David Alan Harvey




I’m the social butterfly who hates social media. Can I get an “Amen”? Yes I said butterfly and tough guys wear pink – moving on. I am most likely the one you’ll be talking to when you hit us up. As your main point of contact, brace yourself – the GIFs and memes are coming. When I’m not photographing weddings I’m usually in Disney with Cat, my fiancé, out enjoying nature, or playing basketball. You’ll see my inner fangirl whenever I’m getting out-of-the-box portraits or conceptual photos. By the time your wedding ends I’ll probably have a few inside jokes with your guests, you will have seen plenty of my funny faces, and you’ll probably catch me at your dessert table because #SweetTooth.



These folks are some of the most talented and creative human beings we know.

We are so proud to have them deliver stories with us.


  • associate art director

A video wizard extraordinaire.

Alex G.

  • Master Cinematographer

Born in Boston but raised in Venezuela, Spanish is my native tongue. With over a decade in the film industry, I’ve directed music videos, commercials, documentaries, and short films across the USA, Venezuela, Colombia, and the Caribbean. My passion lies in documenting weddings, capturing each couple’s unique personality.

Kind Words

Let us tell your story.

Taylor V

There are not enough words to describe how amazing our experience with La Vie was. From the engagement shoot to wedding day, the team made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and delivered the MOST amazing photos we could have ever imagined.

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