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"Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like." 

- David Alan Harvey

Like with any relationship, communication, trust, and collaboration will lead to a better experience. We want to capture photographs that speak your truth and show your best self. You’re not getting married to us but this is a commitment. We encourage that you play the field and go on more dates to see who you really vibe with as your photographer soulmates but if we’re love at first sight then we’re ready to get to know you! Slide in our DM’s! 

All about the vibe - trust us

Your wedding shouldn’t feel like a photoshoot. We like to treat it as a documentary. We’ll be there to direct when you need us, and let you work your magic when you don’t. If you’re uncomfortable it’ll show. We make the vibe relaxed so you can look your best self naturally. We’re not flies on the wall but we’re also not the ones to make you throw your jacket on 4 times for different angles. 

The m.e.t.h.o.d.

When it comes to our style of photography we like to keep it simply complex. We see art in life, thus our name ‘La Vie Studios’. We believe a beautiful, interesting, or meaningful photograph can be taken anywhere. Our ultimate goal in photography is to tie all three together through the use of lighting, subject, and composition. Whether we go to a lavish hotel or an abandoned train we pride ourselves on communicating feeling through powerful imagery. 

Our Visual Design

Not everyone has a photographic memory but our cameras do. Since 2012 we’ve had the honor of documenting the visual legacies of hundreds of couples worldwide.
Taking your wedding day memories and making them tangible is what drives us to work every day. So when you’re looking through your wedding album 10, 20, 50+ years down the line, you can relive those memories that will never fade.

A Tangible Legacy

Nostalgia is one of the sweetest feelings we can experience as humans. And while we enjoy taking those romantic portraits you’ll fall in love with, there’s nothing that will let you relive the emotions and relationships of your wedding day like the candid moments we pride ourselves in photographing. Those are the photos that will make your heart smile 20 years down the line. 

Let’s take a moment

We always get asked what sets us aside from other photographers. The experience - plain and simple. Not just the years of experience and hundreds of weddings we have under our belts, but the experience you’ll have with us as your photographers. We treat every wedding we photograph as if it’s for our closest friends or family. We photograph exactly how we would like to have our weddings captured one day. It’s not just what you get on the wedding day that matters. 

The LVS Experience

Now is the time to forget about what your friends did and what you saw on Pinterest. Decor is beautiful but interactions and relationships are more so. We personally challenge ourselves to make every wedding we photograph better than the last. And at the end of the day, regardless of every other wedding, no matter how big or small, yours will always be the best. 

- Jess & Jose

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