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la vie means life

Anything in life can be beautiful, interesting or meaningful. Our goal on your wedding day is to capture those aspects of life through strong compositions to create unique images showcasing your special moments. We're total goofballs that are 100% committed to our art.  

You know how everyone has that friend that can fix things? Well that's me! I'm a girl with a plan and I'm not afraid to get in there.  People don't realize how crazy a wedding day can get with the heightened emotions and coordinating the finely planned details. My strength is to take in the scene and dissect what's going on by playing with juxtapositions to create meaningful images. But enough fancy talk. 

I'm a dog whisperer and proud #DogMom. Don't worry, I don't dress my dogs...all the time. Just for holiday photos ;) You'll always find me creating something with my hands or throwing random movie references into conversation not limited to anything Jim Carrey, Fight Club, or Princess Diaries. How about that for variety?

Lead Photographer
"The Problem Solver"

Jess G.

I’m the social butterfly who hates social media. Can I get an “Amen”? Yes I said butterfly and tough guys wear pink - moving on. I am most likely the one you’ll be talking to when you hit us up. As your main point of contact, brace yourself - the GIFs and memes are coming.

When I’m not photographing weddings I’m usually in Disney with Cat, my fiancé, out enjoying nature, or playing basketball. You’ll see my inner fangirl whenever I’m getting out-of-the-box portraits or conceptual photos. By the time your wedding ends I’ll probably have a few inside jokes with your guests, you will have seen plenty of my funny faces, and you’ll probably catch me at your dessert table because #SweetTooth.

jose M.

Lead Photographer
"The Adventurer"

Funny story. I was born in Boston, but lived my entire life in Venezuela, so Spanish is my first language ;) I've been working in the film industry for more than 10 years directing music videos, tv commercials, documentaries and short films for amazing artists, brands and people in USA, Venezuela, Colombia and the Caribbean Islands.

A few years ago I discovered how passionate I was about documenting weddings in a way that is full of personality and showcases the uniqueness of every couple. 

Master Cinematographer
"El Director"

Alex G.

They say perfect doesn’t exist; well I be damned if I didn’t at least try! There isn’t a fence I haven’t stood on, ugly furniture I haven’t moved, or tree I haven’t climbed to get the shot. They call me lil’ T. but I have a huge heart and nothing but passion to fuel this energized soul. As intense as that sounds, I have a soft side too. #hopelessromantic I live for the romance, but don’t worry, I can contain my tears during your adorable vows as my heart turns to mush.

Outside of photography, I hope for rainy days and love focus feature films. I’m slightly addicted to my Nespresso machine but even more obsessed with my cat Poe (for Edgar Allen Poe). Yes I’m a cat lover, but puppies get love too! #FurBabyLife

Tara K.

Associate Photographer
"Lil' T"

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